The administrator the data specified by You is Katarzyna Kryńska “ARCHIKA” PRACOWNIA ARCHITEKTONICZNA. with headquarters in ul. Dobra 31/34, 00-344 Warszawa, entered in the Register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register under the number VAT ID PL5211643074.


I process only the data that you provide to us. To use our services, I require You to specify the e-mail address, name, surname, address and phone number. The processing of these data requires that I’m able to conclude the contract of purchase and sale, to contact You in her question and deliver the ordered goods.

In addition, you can in your profile to provide us with more information. The provision of data is voluntary and will help us to personalize directed to You and to facilitate contact. Only depends on You that you provide us with more information, and at any time you can change your settings.

Our website also has an automatic system that helps us better match for You our offer. I do not take automated decisions that affect Your rights. I just want our offer was addressed to You.


The main purpose for which I process Your personal data, it is the conclusion of the contract. I want to sell our products, and want to buy them. I’m glad that you want to take advantage of our offer.

If you consent, Your information I have provided will serve us for marketing purposes. I’ll send You a message containing information about available promotions, events, contests and bonuses. If you specify data, except e-mail addresses, I will be able to personalize offers and messages specifically for You. Because of this, you will receive information that match Your interests and preferences. No one likes spam. To be able to constantly improve our service, I will treat the data which were provided to us for statistical purposes. I want to be better, so I must know our users. If you have any questions, please contact us. I will answer all your questions.

I will not store information longer than is necessary for the realization of the purposes for which they are processed. I must also take into account the time periods through which I have to store data in order to comply with the requirements established by law (for example, in connection with inspections by state bodies) or for consideration of complaints, requests, and to protect our rights in the event of a claim.


Information that you provide by registering for our service, and which are necessary for delivery I process on the basis of the contract (article 6, paragraph 1, letter. b CLAN). I need to know Your name, address and phone number so I can send the parcel, and at least email address and you will be able to use our services, and I’m, so I can contact You. Your data shall be processed also in the case of returns or complaints (article 6 § 1 of the letter. c RODO).

Information that you provide voluntarily for marketing purposes, I’m processed on the basis of Your consent, which at any moment may be withdrawn.

Information that you provide voluntarily, I use for statistical purposes. The basis for their treatment is our legitimate interest (article 6, paragraph 1, letter. f RODO). I should know what is happening in our service, and in addition, I constantly strive to improve it.


To ensure the highest quality of service, I may use external suppliers. Our partners I choose very carefully. Below are the categories of subjects to which the data I pass:

  1. courier company
  2. accounting,
  3. the feedbacks system,
  4. system efficient service, returns and complaints
  5. hosting company
  6. a system of communication with customers
  7. payment systems and banks,
  8. the company windykacyjna.
  9. e-commerce integration systems

Your data I’m not going to transfer to third countries and international organizations.


I follow strict security procedures in the storage and disclosure of personal information, the purpose of which is protection of data from accidental loss, destruction or damage. Comes data is protected using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer). SSL is an industry standard for encrypting personal information and credit card data, allowing their safe transfer in the Internet.


Remember that:

  • you have the right at any time to withdraw this consent. Will have negative consequences. Simply I will cease to send You our marketing communications. Opinion remains, of course, without affecting the existing processing, on the basis of consent. If you want to withdraw your consent, change your profile or email us
  • you have the right to demand access to personal information, limit their processing, transmission and objections
  • you have the right to correct your personal information and even delete them. Deleting data that is necessary for providing the services, you agree to the deletion of the account from the website
  • you have the right to submit to the Supervisory Authority.

If you have any doubts, questions or you would like to learn more, write boldly:– I will reply!




Cookies provide statistical data about the movement of users and use individual pages of the website. At any time you can disable your browser to accept cookies, however, may cause difficulties in using the site. Cookies do not collect individual information about You and this information, I not collected or stored and used soon You individualized content.


Cookies are stored in the cache memory of Your browser. So whatever you decide about the fact that publishers of websites will know what parts of the website you are using. Cookies allow publishers to view the content, which may be more attractive for You based on Your previous actions. Information collected using cookies can also be used to gather information for commercial purposes and can be used to customize the display ads.


At any time you can disable cookies for a specific site or for all calls from Your browser.

  1. Mozilla Firefox
    In menu “tools” select “Options” and the tab “Privacy”. The browser gives You a choice, you don’t want to be watching him at all or remove individual cookies each site.
  2. Microsoft Internet Explorer
    In menu “tools” select “Internet options” and the tab “Privacy”. A special slider to regulate the overall level of privacy or click “Site” to manage settings for individual web sites.
  3. Google Chrome
    In the menu hidden under three horizontal kreseczkami in the upper right corner of the browser select “Tools” and then “delete browsing data…”. In addition to cleaning the cookies, there is a link “More” which leads to the detailed description of the privacy features of the browser.
  4. Opera
    Click “Opera” in the upper left corner open the menu and select “Settings” and then “Clear history…”. Besides the ability to delete cookies, there is a button “Manage cookies…” leading to more advanced functions for individual sites
  5. Safari
    In the “Safari” menu and select “Settings” and the tab “Privacy”. You will find many options for cookies.
  6. Smartphones and tablets
    Each phone model can perform this function differently. Therefore, I recommend you to read the privacy options in the documentation on the website of the manufacturer of Your mobile device.


The administrator the data specified by You is Katarzyna Kryńska “ARCHIKA” PRACOWNIA ARCHITEKTONICZNA. with headquarters in ul. Dobra 31/34, 00-344 Warszawa, entered in the Register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register under the number VAT ID PL5211643074.

I inform you that Your personal data contained in the e-mails are handled in the implementation of the business contacts associated with international agreements, or for the purpose of conclusion and also for preparation of proposals and responses to sent requests. The data I will not share it with other customers, in addition to web hosting company, which provides us with support emails and the company that provides us services in the field of IT-technologies.

Data will be processed during the time of cooperation, as well as protection from possible claims. In accordance with the law the patient has the right to object to the processing of data, right to deletion of data, limitation of data processing, right of access and denials, as well as their exclusion. In addition, you have the right to file a complaint to the Supervisory Authority. The provision of data is voluntary but necessary for the communication process. Your data I’m not going to transfer to third countries and international organizations.